News and Chores

people at the workday on 5/17

We had a great crew out to help this Saturday (those pictured plus several more who were so busy building a shed that they couldn’t take a photo break!). Thanks to all who came out, we got a lot done!  We:

  • learned how to protect our gardens during the summer’s heat
  • laid down weed block, cardboard, and mulch on the path
  • put up our beautiful sign
  • and, with the help of our shed crew, put up most of the shed!

If you weren’t able to make the workday, your chores are:

  • lay down weed block (the black fabric material; scissors are in the plastic box) on the empty area in front of the shed
  • put cardboard on top of the weed block (if available)
  • rake the light-colored mulch on top of the cardboard

Dan introduced us to the cooler we will be able to use for donations. When your crop is ready, put any community donations into the cooler outside of the side door of the church. While donations will be accepted any day, it would be particularly helpful if they were added on Wednesday or Saturday. This will allow us to keep the time between harvesting and distributing as short as possible!

Otherwise, keep watering and maintaining your garden!


Other notes:

We’re having a bit of a chigger bite problem. Two cans of OFF spray were left in the garden; help yourself. Sheila also recommends this natural bug spray recipe if you feel DIY. To keep the pests away, spray your shoes, ankles, and waistband area.

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