Muddy April Workday Recap – 4/15

Garden April 2015

Thanks to all of those who came out today to work in the garden! We got to witness the incredible explosion of mushrooms on the mulch, thanks to the generous rain yesterday, and got a lot of work done. As usual, we weeded the garden area, and also:

  • transplanted wild primrose into the wildflower area
  • created a brick “patio” near the side gate
  • dug out and lined a new flower bed
  • planted daylilies, foxglove and other plants
  • improved individual garden beds
  • outlined area for new fence to expand the garden

It was a busy (and muddy!) morning. Many garden beds have exploded with plants, with some even ready to harvest. Remember, the garden did not begin until May 1 last year, and yet this year is already proving fruitful!

If you weren’t able to come to today’s workday, please keep an eye out for weeds in the garden area, help turn the compost pile when it is time, and help us keep the shed tidy. See you next month, at the workday on May 16!

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Mushrooms after the rain.

Mushrooms after the rain.

The Hines show off their huge turnip!

The Hines show off their huge turnip!

Richard creates a new garden bed.

Richard creates a new garden bed.

One thought on “Muddy April Workday Recap – 4/15

  1. Just wanted to let anyone who planted squash know, that I killed my first squash bug today, April 29th. I am trying Diatomaceous Earth and a soap water spray. Any other ideas are welcomed. Allen McGaver

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