Workday Recap- Feb. 20

Finishing the "new" beds for spring planting!

Finishing the “new” beds for spring planting!

We had a great group for the first workable workday of the year! It was windy, warm, and really productive!

First, some reminders:

  • Until March 20, there’s still a chance we’ll get a freeze. Please keep sprayers and hoses disconnected from the faucets until our next workday.
  • You are welcome to plant spring crops in your plot—but there’s still a chance of a freeze, so hedge your bets!
  • Our next workday will be Saturday, March 19, at 9 a.m., with a special lunch to follow!

We’ll work on getting a complete list of gardeners and plots up on the blog for you to reference, and thank Lynn H. for her hard work painting the stakes so we can all recognize our own plots!IMG_1542

This workday, we finished all the new beds in the new area, mixing in manure and vermiculite to make the soil ready for planting. We also laid cardboard and mulch to the garden walkway, and weeded the “old” garden. We welcomed our new gardeners with a quick orientation and many gardeners cleaned out their plots in preparation for new planting.

Suggested crops to plant this month (for the brave!) or in March included:

  • onions
  • garlic
  • carrots
  • potatoes
  • beets
  • swiss chard
  • lettuce
  • collards
  • English Peas
  • radishes
  • turnips

Here’s a great planting guide for helpful scheduling as you plan ahead to spring!

Feb 2016 workday

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