Workday Recap: November 2018

First, some news:

Our next workday will be Dec. 8 from 9-11.

ALL are also invited to attend two events:

    Community Thanksgiving – after church at the Nor’Kirk on Sunday, November 18
    Harvest Party – Dec. 8 at 6:30, hosted by the Hines! Please consider bringing a favorite dish to share.

Workday Recap:

Well, it didn’t rain, but we had a barn-stormer of a big workday!

Our original goal was just to focus on harvesting–and we had a lot to harvest! Even before adding our total from the workday, we have donated more than 2,200 pounds to local food pantries.

We also harvested and donated at least 200 pounds (estimated) on Saturday–100 pounds of that was JUST sweet potatoes!

(One was as big as our youngest gardener!)

Because we had so many helpers, we were also able to work on breaking down our very impressive clippings pile.

We also cleaned up the garden beds in preparation for the cold days ahead!

  • In addition, on Sunday the Young Men’s Service League and several hardy gardeners came out to the garden for a bonus workday!
  • The volunteers did a lot of work! Groups worked on trimming down the massive green clippings, weeded and cleaned out the blackberry bush beds, piled on a protective layer of mulch for cold-sensitive perennials, and tackled the compost and mulch piles.
  • If you haven’t seen 25 15-year-old boys with shovels, clippers, and pitchforks, you haven’t lived!
  • It was a LOT of work, and we appreciate all who made it out!
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