Workday Recap: December 2018

Yet another rained-put workday! Those who did attend were hardy folk, and we actually did accomplish some important work: we used the 80 (yes, 80!) bags of leaves donated to use by our neighbors in Homestead to add another layer of mulch to our pathways. As the leaves break down, we’ll have another layer of protection against weeds!

Mike also helped us clear out the sick asparagus plants. Look at that might tumbleweed!

Otherwise, we retreated indoors. We got the $1000 check (yay!) and started to talk about greenhouse options. We also discussed best bets–mostly spinach and other hearty greens as well as most of the best bets from last month. We talked about the many types of onions (so versatile!) and Al shared a suggestion for lettuce planting we may try.

Here’s a tip on broccoli harvesting: if the top begins to bloom, you should have harvested it yesterday! The flowers don’t taste as good!

We also preliminarily reserved plots for next year. If you missed the meeting, don’t worry! We’ll make plot-picking more official next meeting.

If you know anyone who might want to join the garden, please invite them! It currently looks like we will have several open plots, and we’d love to see some new members!

Thanks to those who made it out! See you all again in January!

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