Spring is almost here!

Join us this Saturday, February 9th, from 9-11 am for our next garden workday. We will be featuring Spring planting tips, seed swap, and vertical gardening. If you or a friend want a plot this season…make sure you attend this workday. There are only a few plots left!

3 thoughts on “Spring is almost here!

  1. Metrocrest is happy to do a letter of support. They asked for a few key points to put in their letter. Can you send me a few like the size of the greenhouse, the estimate of pounds of food we donated last year, etc?

    Linda Rutherford

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    • Linda,

      Thanks for the help!
      Here are some key points.
      We donated 2500 pounds of fresh produce to area food banks last year.
      We have 25 community gardeners and 40 garden plots.
      We plan on building a 6 x 8 foot propagation greenhouse to start heirloom and improved varieties of organically grown fruits and vegetables, that will be used both in the garden and donated to the community.
      We have a 8000 square foot Texas Wildflower garden we also maintain, and are a designated Monarch Butterfly waystation.
      We plan to propagate several varieties of milkweed and other wildflowers to plant in the wildflower garden and to donate to the surrounding community.
      Our mission includes education and provide tours and resources to Homestead Elementary, Homeschool 4H, and other community groups.

    • Dan: I have the support letter. Please provide an email so I can send along an electronic copy. I will get a hard copy this weekend and provide that to you later.

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