Ice, Rain, or Snow, Garden Workday is still a GO!

The forecast for our next garden workday, Saturday, January 11th from 9 to 11, is cold and windy….but we are a hardy folk, and will meet anyway. I have onion sets to give away and plant, but if it’s too cold we will meet inside instead. Remember…you get first pick of garden plots if you come to THIS workday. I already have new gardeners looking for a plot, but the “veterans” get their choice, before I open it up to the newcomers. Have faith…spring is just around the corner!

4 thoughts on “Ice, Rain, or Snow, Garden Workday is still a GO!

    • Hi Robert and Gretchen,
      We didn’t confirm your plot today; to do so, we’ll see you at the next workday. But your plot is still held for you at this time. Thanks, and see you in February!

  1. Hi Dan/Megan ,

    Just want to remind you that I can no longer attend the Saturday meetings because I work all Saturdays now . I would still like to continue with the garden and keep my two plots if that’s ok. I will still help with the community plots during the week . Please let me know how to pay for my plots . I can leave a check at the shed or zelle/ PayPal you .

    Thanks Loann

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    • We will save your plot for you…sorry we won’t get to see you for workdays, but I’m sure we will catch up with you at other times. We can deal with the money later…I’m not worried about it.

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