Workday Recap: Aug. 2020

It sure feels good to get to the garden!

The garden is looking lush!

Despite the early workday and the heat, we had a great crowd. The focus of our workday was adding cardboard and mulching our paths, harvesting produce, and working on the compost heap. A special thank-you to the Young Men’s Service League for working so hard on cleaning up our compost bins!

Thank you Young Men’s Service League!

We achieved a lot and were able to make some nice donations to the food bank. It feels good to be able to share our bounty!

We are entering The Epoch of Okra! Normal rules about harvesting other plots are suspended now that it is okra season—okra needs to be harvested almost daily, so please help your neighbors harvest!

We are also welcoming volunteer food delivery drivers, so please let Dan know if you are interested in helping.

Special shout-out to Abdel, who is helping us procure barrels, and to Scott, for designing and building our new “water towers.” Each pair of plots will eventually get a water tower, which will help conserve water while helping our plants stay damp even in the heat.

The new water towers will help us passively garden, keeping our plots watered even during high heat!

We will have our next workday starting at 8 a.m. on Saturday, September 12. See you there!

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