Workday Recap: Oct. 2020

The garden was lush, the weather was great, and everyone was happy to be at the garden!

We focused on harvesting: sweet potatoes and leaves, eggplant, okra, and more! Thank goodness we had the YMSL volunteers: we had a lot to do!

A sea of sweet potato vines

Even before our HUGE harvest today, we had donated 2,100 pounds to local food banks. We’ve had an incredible year!

Massive donations!

Best bets right now are switching over to our winter crops. If your summer crops are looking sickly, give up on them now to make room for our winter cole crops. Keep harvesting okra!

Tool time

A moment for tools: be sure you use the new sprayers correctly—turn the water on and off using the blue metal poles (not at the hose), and use the gasket when adjusting the water. Avoid changing the setting while spraying!

As frost season approaches, be sure to turn off the water AND remove the sprayer to avoid ice damage.

Gardening brings us together

In many ways, a garden workday is more important to us right now. Many of us have cleared schedules and nowhere to go. We don’t get to see anyone’s smiles or chitchat in the office. While we still require masks for safety, the garden gives us an opportunity to see others, to move our bodies, and feel the sunshine. And we get to do all that while helping others.

Thank you for the help, YMSL!

Thank you, gardeners. Our next workday is November 14 at 9. We will be there, whatever the weather!

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