Workday Recap: November 2020

It was a beautiful day to be at the garden!

Our main focus was harvesting! We had a lot to harvest! Now is the time to remove any of your summer crops—we anticipate a freeze sometime soon, and the cold temperatures will zap your plant and turn your harvest into inedible jelly. Remember you can donate whatever you don’t need — area food banks really need the help!

Check out the mega squash! 23 pounds! Wow!

We had a bountiful harvest from just community plots and the gardeners who were able to attend. Thank you!

Our cabbage and broccoli crops are loving the cool weather.

Now is a good time to plant cover crops like black-eyed peas or plan for winter crops. Make sure to turn your soil and add compost.

We also worked hard on mulching our paths. It’s a constant effort but helps keep our garden tidy!

Volunteers help with harvest and mulching paths

Please remember to DRAIN your water tower and disconnect the hoses. When we get a freeze, any connected hoses on these towers will burst, ruining the tower. We put a lot of work into these this year — help us keep them around!

Disconnect and drain your water tower

Please also be mindful of hoses and faucets as it gets cold. Do water your plants — just be sure to help us maintain our water system!

Disconnect faucets and hoses to prevent freeze damage

We will select new plots in January, so plan ahead now! Please continue to follow safe covid guidelines. We are currently planning to meet outdoors December 12. Please wear a mask and dress for the cool weather.

Thanks to Mike for our first Garden Wine, created with Grow & Share grapes!

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