Workday Recap: Jan. 2021

New year — new garden projects! We had a frosty morning in the garden, with one major project—expanding the garden to make room for all our new members!

It’s a great “problem” to have, but most of our gardeners from last year are returning, plus we have several newbies who wanted to join. But we were out of plots!

Not anymore! We spent the morning with hammer and drill and a lot of teamwork to convert several of our experimental beds into formal garden plots!

Dan shows how the new garden beds should be constructed

When work is complete, we will have 10 new beds. Some will stay as community areas, but several are open to new gardeners.

Construction underway

We also took time to collect money from new and existing gardeners to reserve a plot. If you missed us this time, please attend in-person next month and bring your $35/plot donation! (Cash or check please)

Frosty cabbage

We also did some tidying up. It wasn’t a good day for planting because of the impending snow and freeze, but we discussed best bets for January. We even had some beautiful cauliflower and cabbages to harvest!

Now is the time to plan your plot for the year. Some crops take a long time until harvest, so plan ahead so you reserve space for other things. (For example, radishes are ready to harvest in as little as a month, but potatoes planted now won’t be ready until June!)

Good plants for January are onions, English peas (and similar varieties like snow or snap peas), and white potatoes. It’s a good time for root vegetables like carrots, turnips, and radishes. Also consider leafy greens such as leeks and spinach.

A great group of gardeners

See you at the next workday, February 13 from 9-11!

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