Good News…and Bad News!

The BAD news is the water supply to the church sustained damage, so the water line that includes the garden had to be shut off. No news on how long until repairs are completed, but we will keep you posted.

The GOOD News is…surprisingly some plants survived the wicked cold, kale, spinach, onions, potatoes are alive, and we are seeing new growth emerging from the ground.

2 thoughts on “Good News…and Bad News!

  1. Hi Dan ,

    Hope everything is well. I was wondering if the garden has a Zelle Or Venmo account, do I can wire you my membership dues. If not , I’ll leave a check in the shed and let you know when I do ?

    Do we have any extra woods so I can see about building a trellis like Abdel’s . If not, I can see about going to HD and purchase some .

    Thanks Dan


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    • Hi Loann,

      How are you? Sorry, no Zelle or Venmo, and the only wood we have is the heavy cedar for the remaining bedding plots. If you want, pin your check behind your name on the plot board…and I will pick it up later. Looks like good weather for the rest of February…Good Luck!

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