Garden Workday & Harvest Celebration

Join us for our garden workday, Saturday, November, 14th from 9-11 AM. We will harvest the last of the summer crops, and talk about our fall and winter gardening…Then join us Saturday evening for a bonfire Harvest Celebration from 6:30-8:00 PM. We will have samples of our “homegrown” Spanish grape wine, s’mores, and more. Bring a chair, some garden recipes, and any family or friends. See you around the campfire!

Digging for sweet treasure this Saturday!

Join us for our next Garden Workday

Digging for treasure.

Join us this Saturday October 10th, as we dig for buried treasures! We will meet from 9-11 am for our next Garden Workday…activities include harvesting sweet potatoes, planting fall crops, and discussing upcoming activities!

Water Towers are ready…are you?

Our engineer and builder Scott Cherry has completed the stands for the new Water Towers. If you would like to add a tower to your plot, follow these steps.

1. Grab a stand and dig a shallow trench for the back legs and level.

2. After leveling, set the front legs so they rest on the wood beams of your plot. Use a drill and star bit (found on bench in shed) to attach the two predrilled screws to the beam.

Star bit (in shed if you don’t have one)

Add a barrel, attach soaker hose, fill and you are done.

If all this seems too much to do in 106 degree heat…No Worries! We will be installing these during our Garden Workday, September 12.

Thanks again to Scott, Abdel, and for whoever installed a stand and water tower for me!

Grape Expectations for a Garden Workday!

Join us Saturday, July, 18th, at the garden for our Garden Workday. We will start a little earlier, 8 – 10am, to try to beat the heat. The plan is to harvest, clean, weed, turn compost, and swap seeds and stories. Also, we will meet and discuss plans for the garden. We will observe social distancing and wear masks. Bring a hat, and any seeds you have to give out. (If you don’t have seeds…don’t worry…we will give you some)!