Mountain of Compost arrives for Garden Workday.

Join us this Saturday, May 11, from 9am until 11am for our next garden workday. We have a mountain (10 cubic yards) of compost being delivered from Texas Pure Products, as well as new seeds, and plants to grow. We still have a few open plots left…so invite your neighbor. Bury your troubles and leave your burdens behind…and garden!


April 2019 Workday Recap

The winds did blow, the rain did fall, the hail did hammer–but the workday went on! A truly stalwart group attended this month’s savage weather workday, and we accomplished way more than expected!

Gardeners are hardy!

Spring has arrived (with its strange weather). Our Best Bets list is pretty long; now is a great time to plant a wide variety of things, including peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, herbs, squash, green beans, cantaloupe, and, yes, even some okra! Remember, label your crops with the variety, so we can learn from your successes!

While the weather was more clear, we added mulch to the paths, mounded our community potatoes, and added compost to the tires, which we planted with luffa! (Yes, the thing you use in the shower!) We tended the beds, but we didn’t need to water–Mother Nature took care of that for us!

When the weather turned severe, we headed indoors to talk. Mike introduces his compost-sorter; keep an eye out for further improvements! Our engineering minds are continuing to develop the concept.

We also got an update on the greenhouse: unfortunately, the city of Carrollton says there is nothing we can do. The zoning codes for our garden are odd and there are no workarounds for community gardens at this time. Long-term, we can work to either change the city code or get an exception approved by City Council, but that can take a long while. In the meantime, we cannot have a greenhouse. However, we will talk about additional alternatives as a group.

See you at the next workday, Saturday, May 11!

Workday Recap: March 2019

We had a truly marvelous spring day and it was great to see so many of you there!

Also, a special welcome to our four new members! We’re so glad to have you with us.

We began with harvesting, turning compost, and tidying up some community beds. Thank you to the Young Men’s Service League for helping us with our big compost job!

We also filled beds with compost where it was needed. Remember to add compost and turn your soil as you add plants; compost provides great nutrition!

Despite being very early in the season, we donated 26 pounds of produce yesterday, and we have nearly doubled donations from last year!

Greenhouse Update

After conversations with Carrollton’s zoning staff, we have decided to see about getting a special permit for the garden as a whole, including the placement of our greenhouse. Megan is meeting with the city at the earliest availability and after that the process is expected to take 30 to 60 days. The good news is the zoning staff member seemed to think we had a high likelihood of getting our request approved!

We also discussed best bets and current activities. We are most likely past the frost risk, so it is time to start planting for spring! Now is the time to start tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, peppers and much more. As it warms up, this is the optimal time for many varieties.

Remember to grow UP instead of OUT and add something strong for your tomatoes to grow into. The tomato cages at big box stores are NOT strong enough for our bounty!

This year, please pull up any “volunteer” sunflowers you find–let’s only keep invited guests as last year we got a little out of hand for our sunnies. Please also remember to label what you plant to help us when we want to identify the most successful crops.

Our next workday will be Saturday, April 13. See you there!

Workday Recap: February 2019

The air was chill and the sky overcast, but the gardeners were hardy and eager to get to work!

The Young Men’s Service League came out to help, focusing on turning and tidying our compost piles. It was a lot of work but our bins are now in great shape!

Gardeners tidied up beds and laid mulch on weedy areas–our constant battle against Bermuda grass!

We also found some produce to harvest: leafy greens, radishes… and one 11-pound turnip! Way to grow, Scott!

After we got chilly, we went indoors to discuss Best Bets and other garden business. Now is the time for leafy greens, peas, carrots, onions, and potatoes. Plan ahead to leave space for what you will be planting when spring arrives (soon!). If you are germinating seeds at home, try to work on tomatoes. Otherwise, keep an eye on your cold-season crops at the garden.

We discussed the greenhouse situation. After a vote, it was decided we would continue to try to get a variance from the city and hope for a full-sized greenhouse. We are open to your good ideas!

See you next month, March 9, 9 to 11 a.m.!

Spring is almost here!

Join us this Saturday, February 9th, from 9-11 am for our next garden workday. We will be featuring Spring planting tips, seed swap, and vertical gardening. If you or a friend want a plot this season…make sure you attend this workday. There are only a few plots left!