Workday Recap: June 2017

Today was all about that harvest! We’ve harvested and donated an incredible 206 pounds* so far this month–and we’re only 10 days in! We’ve already met the total donations for this month from last year! Be very proud, gardeners!

(*yes, this is a little different from what was announced today, but math on the fly is tricky when the donations are piling up!)

We also mulched our path (yes, again!) and worked on cleaning up our garden beds. Try to protect your tomatoes from early blight by tying up your vines to keep them off the ground and trimming off and throwing away any diseased leaves. Try to water down low to avoid spreading blight higher up your plant.

Keep an eye out for damage from squash bores (it’ll look like the plant Dan is holding above), which will eat the plant from the inside out. If this happens to you, pull the whole plant and plant something new. You’ll get a second chance at squash a bit later in the fall.

Hang in there, gardeners!

Our next workday is earlier in the day to try to avoid the worst of the summer heat–Saturday, July 8, from 8-10. See you there!

This Spuds for You…If you attend our workday, Saturday!

Join us this Saturday, June 10th from 9:00 am until 11:00 am, for our next garden workday. We are harvesting produce for the first “Sack Summer Hunger” program at the Nor’Kirk. This program provides needed food for children and their families who qualify for free or reduced lunch during the school year, but who might otherwise go hungry when schools are not in session.

We are also preparing the garden for summer, discussing growing tips for hot weather, and digging up our crop of potatoes. We look forward to seeing you there!

Workday Recap: May 2017

Today was quite the harvest! Lynne Hines reports: “Wow! Great day and May is not finished. To date we have donated 224 pounds of produce and we are only in the middle of the month. Last year we donated 132 pounds for the entire month.”

Winter greens were harvested, carrots, radishes, peppers, blackberries, and a few tomatoes. 

And of course Joan wins the prize for Most Impressive Cauliflower!

It was 6 pounds!

Team Larry focused on updating the brick and stone edging, and it looks great!

Team Ty planted gourds and loofahs along the fence. We look forward to trying our experimental crops!

Leila gave additional lessons on the biodigester she has added, and led a team to filter our compost. The “finished” bin is full–and there’s another huge pile in the third bin! Feel free to use it!

Otherwise, we focused on weeding and harvesting!

Our next workday is June 10, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. See you there! Remember to use the blue sticks to mark your plot when you go out of town, and help your neighbors keep up with watering.

A Time to Reap!

Our next garden workday has arrived! Saturday, May 13th is our next workday from 9am until 11am. In addition to “reaping” our harvest, we will finish out the blackberry beds and create new beds for climbing vines of louffa, birdhouse gourds, and other gourds. We also have alot of new topics to discuss…so join us this Saturday from 9-11am.

Workday Recap: April 2017

Today was a beautiful spring day for gardening! It was a busy day for weeding, expanding our mulch, and moving our donated bricks and stone.

It’s a great time for planting–particularly tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, beans, cucumbers and squash. Be ready to battle bugs; keep an eye out for caterpillars, beetles, and squash bugs! Remember, if you find ants, use the Anthro in the shed. Follow all the directions!

We found evidence of a new garden friend: an owl! Keep an eye out for our helpful predator.

Update on compost: We have a new “Finished” compost bin. Compost only goes in the “finished” bin if it can fit through the sieve (shown behind the bin). Make sure if you turn the compost in bins 2 and 3 you turn ALL of it.

Also, if you add any food waste (apple cores or banana peels), please be sure to bury it so it is protected from pests.

Thanks to everyone who made it out!

The next workday is May 13.



Workday Recap: March 2017

Spring is springing all around us, and now is the time to plant, plant, plant!

Our focus today was planting a bay tree (to provide bay leaves for your stews!), expanding the blackberry patch around the corner, following the advice of our Compost Queen to maximize our compost heaps,and planning our plots for planting!

Bay tree planting
All our garden plots have now been claimed as either community plots (such as the new herb-centric plot in Genesis) or claimed by a gardener.

new blackberry patch
Leila provided an excellent talk on different ways to compost at home, so ask her if you have any questions about the bokashi method, hot compost, or a food decomposter. She’s our resident expert!

Dan also gave a quick lesson on Best Bets for planting. Here’s what he recommends:


(Choose these if available)

Eggplant Black Bell, Black Magic, Ichibon, Tycoon 1 Transplants only
Tomato Celebrity, Red Cherry, Sweet 100, Homestead, Carnival 1 Transplants only
Cucumbers Straight 8, Armenian, Burpless 2 Seed or transplants
Green Beans Blue Lake, Kentucky Wonder 8 Seed
Peppers (Sweet) Big Bertha, California Wonder (Hot) Hidalgo Serrano, Jalapeno TAM mild Jalapeno 1 Transplants only after March 15
Squash (Yellow) Early Prolific, (Scallop) Patty Pan (Zucchini) President, Sure Thing 1 per 2 sq ft. Seed or Transplants

Our bluebonnets are sprouting in the wildflower garden and this black swallowtail butterfly hung out with us today.

black swallowtail butterfly
Thanks to all who came out today.