Workday Recap: July 2018

The few, the brave, the heat-resistant!

Our workday was earlier than usual to beat the heat, which only worked somewhat, but we didn’t let the heat defeat us!

We have hit the “survival mode” months, when a harvest would be nice but we all just have to focus on keeping our plots alive through the summer. Water often and consider adding cover crops like basil or black-eyed peas. You can also add a layer of mulch to absorb water and reflect back some of the heat. If you can keep your plot alive until fall, you’ll have a good harvest!

The Young Men’s Service League helped us turn the compost and we expanded our donation of cardboard (thank you, USPS!) with a layer of mulch in the overgrown paths. We worked hard to keep the garden in good shape!

Many thanks to Aaron for being our compost champion! He helped break up and move the heavy and thick compost at the bottom of the first bin.

Gardeners, when you visit the garden, please consider turning the compost! If we don’t introduce oxygen and water, the compost breaks down poorly and we end up with a muddy sludge. We appreciate your help!

There are new sprayers in the shed. If your plot needs one, feel free to try them out.

Squash bug season is upon us: if your plant is infested, it may be time to pull it out! Topical sprays of soap+water help, but any leaves with squashbug eggs must be removed and thrown into the trash to slow the incursion.

It’s a good time to “rogue” or remove plants that are dead, damaged, or diseased. Please do not put diseased plants in the compost; trash them!

Our next workday will be August 11, with another early start. See you from 8-10!


Earlier time to beat the heat!

Our next garden workday is this Saturday, July 14th….at an new earlier time. We will meet from 8am until 10am. We have some new members joining, and fresh mulch being delivered. See you there!

Workday Recap: June 2018

Welcome to summer gardening!

Today was a great workday with many volunteers and a productive harvest. Thanks to those who came out despite the heat and our shifted workday schedule.

The Young Mens Service League was a huge help with continued laying of cardboard and mulch for our paths. With their help, we defeated mulch mountain!

Our main focus today was harvest–and boy did we ever! We harvested buckets of onions, potatoes, and beets, as well as carrots, garlic, chives, and more!

Current estimates show we donated 250 pounds of produce today alone–more than the rest of the year combined!

We also discussed best bets, how to take care of our compost piles, and what to do about pests. Keep an eye out for squash bugs, harlequin bugs, and spider mites. Treat with a mix of just a few drops of dish soap in water sprayed on the leaves, or use diatomaceous earth to stop squash bugs.

Keep an eye out for updates about the possible Fourth of July float in the community parade–we’ll get together and plan our float!

Our next workday will be Saturday, July 14, from 8-10 a.m. to avoid the heat. See you there!